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Without the proper levels of MSM our bodies are unable to build good healthy cells and this leads to illness. If we want a good flexible cell, capable of maintaining good health, we need to supplement our diets with MSM to enable the body to heal itself. Food being processed, cooked, or not being fresh has destroyed the MSM in our food supply.

The following information on MSM is provided for the sole purpose of information and is not to be considered medical advice, and no medical claims are intended. MSM is not a medicine, drug or a food additive. It is a nutritional food supplement found in all foods -- milk, fruits, meats and vegetables. MSM is a natural form of All Natural sulfur found in all living organisms. MSM is the 3rd largest ingredient found in your body. Your body is made up of water, salt and MSM. The body uses MSM to create new, good healthy cells. Vitamins and amino acids work with MSM during this process. Without proper levels of MSM, our bodies are unable to build good healthy cells, and this leads to illness. Our bodies are producing new cells 24 hours per day. If your body does not receive the proper nutrition and building materials it needs, it will produce bad, dysfunctional cells, deficient of the basic ingredients that constitute a healthy cell. If we want a good flexible cell, capable of maintaining good health, we need to supplement our diets with MSM, to enable the body to heal itself. Your body knows what it needs better than any doctor. It will use MSM whenever it is needed in your system.

Give your body the MSM it needs so it can provide more nutrition and health itself. Because of its volatile nature, MSM is quickly lost from food when it is processed, cooked and/or stored. The second you pick fruit or vegetables from the tree or vine, it begins rapidly losing the MSM. Even in meats, MSM is not as abundant as it used to be. Today, animals are being fed with dried, stored grasses, hay and grains, deficient in MSM. When your body uses the MSM molecule to produce a new cell, the MSM is lost forever. We need to continuously replace the body's needed supply of MSM to produce new, good healthy cells. A conventional diet does not supply the minimum requirement of MSM. It is absent in synthetic food additives, dietary mineral composition, food substitutes and most fillers used to dilute or modify foods. With today's modern diet of cooked and otherwise processed and diluted foods, most -- if not all - diets of civilized man are deficient in this critically important ingredient. MSM is as safe as drinking pure water. Because of its inert nature, MSM is non-allergenic, non-pyretic, and has no interfering or undesirable pharmacological effects. It can even be used as a safe blood diluent. You cannot overdose with MSM.

The body will use what it needs, and after 12 hours, will flush any excess amounts out of the body. MSM will flush what the body does not retain semi-permanently every 12 hours, and because it is a free radical and foreign protein scavenger, MSM cleans the blood stream, so allergies to food and pollens go away in about 4 days. To maintain good healthy cells, take MSM in the morning and the evening. Patented benefits of MSM Improved Health:

Maintenance of good health; enhances Vitamin C, other antioxidants and other bioflavanoids; benefits as a food additive; benefits as a diet supplement; enhanced ability to concentrate.

Body: Resistance to sun and wind burn; for eye inflammation; oral hygiene for mouth and gums; improved sense of taste and smell; benefits to internal organs; benefits to lung tissue; and ameliorating (alleviating) or curing effect on parasites; accelerated wound healing; benefits for allergies and other sensitivities; reducing the adverse response to inhalant allergens; controlling problems associated with gastric hyperacidity; relief from chronic constipation; reducing or eliminating hypersensitivity problems associated with oral medications (such as nonsteroidal antiarthritic agents); providing relief from the symptoms of lung dysfunction; benefit as a mood elevator; improving the chemical profile of arthritic patients (i.e. providing relief from pain and stiffness; reduced swelling and inflammation, coupled with a return of blood chemistry toward normalcy); reduction in hypertension, enhancing the immune system.

Skin: Benefits to skin and internal organs; benefits for connective tissue and dermatological disorders; effectiveness in preserving the pliancy of connective tissue; connecting crosslinking of collagen associated with aging, improvement of adverse (diseased) skin conditions, favorable response in treating acne.

Hair and Nails: Benefits for scalp and hair; improved nail growth; improved hair and hair growth, benefits for cuticles and nails.

Pain Relief: Relieving acute pain in humans; relieving post athletic activity fatigue; relieving muscle and leg cramps; relieving arthritis and other sources of pain.

Dermatological Disorders: Primary and secondary pruritus, acne (including Grade 4), acne rosacea and diverse other dermatological problems that are often allergy related respond favorably to a diet supplemented with MSM.

Muscle Cramps: MSM has the surprising ability to reduce the incidents of -- or eliminate entirely -- muscle cramps, leg and back cramps after long periods of inactivity, or in athletes such as runners, football, basketball and soccer players who experience cramps during the participation in their sport.

Mental Normalcy: Individuals on MSM generally report increased alertness, reduced mood changes, and particularly very infrequent depression. A few patients on medication intermittently for depression observed that MSM relieved depression within hours rather than days, as had been their prior experience with anti-depression medication.

Pain Associated with Systemic Inflammatory Disorders: Individuals presenting signs and systems of pain and inflammation associated with various musculoskeletal system disorders reported substantial and long lasting relief while including MSM in their daily diet. Migraine sufferers have obtained substantial relief with MSM.

Parasite Infections: MSM has an ameliorating (alleviating) or curing effect on a variety of parasitic microbial infections. Efficacy can be determined by in vitro testing to determine growth inhabitation or killing of the specific organism by exposure to MSM at various concentrations. MSM had the ability to return the parasite susceptible tissue to normalcy with no impairment or injury to the host. ADDITIONAL BENEFITS

Allergies: An allergic reaction is simply your body's reaction to something foreign in your system. These foreign proteins and free radicals invade your body and cause reactions and problems. Your body responds with a sneeze, wheeze, swollen, puffy eyes, etc. When you take MSM, your cells become more permeable, enabling you body to quickly wash out any foreign particles in your system. Every 12 hours your body is designed to flush out each cell of any foreign debris. When your diet is deficient in MSM, the cell walls become hard and still, and this hinders fluid flow through the cell walls. MSM softens the cell walls, allowing foreign proteins and free radicals to be washed out of your system. If enough MSM is taken, all of the foreign particles can be flushed from your system and your allergies will no longer occur.

CANDIDA: Dr. John Jefferies in Beaverton is one of the foremost experts on CANDIDA. So far, for the last nine years, MSM has been his #1 weapon against it. We have natural bacteria, acidophillus, in our stomach that digests our food. We also have a yeast that lives in our colon called CANDIDA, that keeps bad bacteria out, which lives on the food created by acidophillus. When you take antibiotics, it kills the bad AND THE GOOD bacteria. Your pH then gets out of balance, and the CANDIDA gets hungry and starts spreading. When it gets in the vagina, women have yeast infections. When the tongue gets a white coating, that is CANDIDA yeast. When it gets in the ears and eyes, they change the name to thrush. When it gets in the blood stream, they call it chronic fatigue, "an incurable disease. " When you digest food, it goes into the blood stream and the CANDIDA steals it. So, you don't assimilate your nutrition, the glands don't get their vitamins and minerals, and you develop allergies to foods, pollens, and fragrances. You also don't have any energy because the CANDIDA is a living organism and digest food as you do and puts out toxins. When those toxins are added to your toxins, it can stimulate 80 different diseases that you don't have. When it stimulates STREP throat, the doctor gives you an antibiotic and kills the acidophillus, keeping the pH out of balance. It then stimulates pneumonia ... the doctor gives you more antibiotics and it then stimulates a sinus infection. Every 3 or 4 weeks, you have a cold or flu and you feel terrible. This becomes a vicious, painful and costly cycle. When you take MSM your pH goes normal. CANDIDA can not live in your body when you pH is normal, except in the colon where it belongs, so CANDIDA dies.

Diabetes: The cells in your body become rigid and non-permeable. The insulin carries the blood sugar to your cells, but it does not become absorbed because the cell walls are not permeable and prevents all the blood sugar from penetrating the cell walls. The pancreas works too hard and fast to compensate for the deficiency, but becomes injured and stops working correctly. The blood sugars that are not being used saturate the blood stream, creating a high level of blood sugar. By taking MSM regularly, your cells become permeable and the pancreas begins to be repaired. The blood sugars are now being absorbed through the cell walls and the body becomes healthier. After a few months on MSM, the pancreas should become self regulating, balancing your sugar levels.

Diverticulosis: MSM is an anti-parasite. Hood worms, tape worms, and pinworms hang on the pockets in the colon. MSM fills in the pockets and leaves a natural Teflon like coating that they can't cling to. As the worms hatch, they flush out, preventing diverticulosis and constipation.

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