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ROSAVIN™ - A prescription for Vibrant Health, Stress, and Longevity

ROSAVIN™- Invigorates health and stamina
ROSAVIN™– helps your body adapt to stress
ROSAVIN™– Enhances and preserves seratonin levels in the brain which participates in smooth muscle contraction, appetite regulation, pain perception, behavior, blood pressure, stress and depression.
ROSAVIN™– regulates mood and appetite
ROSAVIN™– stimulates the breakdown of stored fat
ROSAVIN™-optimizes the energy status during stress and exercise
ROSAVIN™– shortens recovery time after prolonged exercise
ROSAVIN™– enhances memory
ROSAVIN™– possesses anti-tumor activity, raises the efficiency of DNA repair mechanism, and increases the body’s resistance to toxins


In Siberian folk medicine, Rosavin™ is used to increase physical endurance, to decrease depression and fatigue and for the treatment of colds and flu. In Middle Asia, a tea made from Rosavin™ is used for the treatment of colds and flu. In Mongolia, doctors prescribe Rosavin™ for the treatment of tuberculosis and cancer.

Rosavin™ has been widely used by Russian athletes and cosmonauts to boost energy and physical performance.

Rosavin™ is an adaptogenic herb. The wonderful thing about adaptogenic herbs is that they can do two things at once. If a person is fatigued and exhausted, they can increase energy and stamina. If a person is nervous, anxious, uptight feeling under pressure or cannot sleep, they can calm one down.


ROSAVIN™ provides energy for your active lifestyle.

The term “stress” means different things to different people in divergent circumstances. Stress occurs when the pressures upon us exceed our resources to cope with those. Anxiety, depression and feelings of anger, fear, helplessness, and hopelessness are often linked to stress. Stress can result in feelings of distrust, rejection, anger, and deep depression, which can lead to a host of health problems.

Stress affects 35 percent of the population and it increases with age. It affects women twice as much as men, regardless of age.

Rosavin™ targets the stress-related neurotransmitters: serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine.

Rosavin™ has been shown in a number of studies to enhance physical and mental performance. The first trial examined Rosavin™ on the mental performance of 56 young, healthy physicians during night duty. Physicians were given either a placebo or a low-dose standardized extract of Rosavin™ daily for two weeks. The Rosavin™ group showed a significant improvement in perceptive and cognitive cerebral functions, such as associative thinking, short-term memory calculation and ability of concentration and speed of audio-visual perception, as compared to the placebo group. [1]

In the second trial, students received either a low dose of Rosavin™ or placebo for 20 days during a stressful examination period. Objective and subjective evaluation of the physical and mental performance revealed a significant improvement in physical and mental performance revealed a significant improvement in physical fitness and mental fatigue in the Rosavin™ group compared to the placebo group. [2]

A compelling animal study conducted at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences clearly demonstrated Rosavin’s™ ability to heighten attention, enhance memory, and increase resistance to a wide variety of stressors. [3]

A Russian study showed that Rosavin™ administered to high school students led to a marked increase in their intellectual working capacity. Using proofreading tests on 120 students Rosavin™ was show to enhance memorization and concentration ability over prolonged periods. [4]

Ingestion of Rosavin™ over a 3-week period prior to demanding prolonged and tense mental activity of 27 healthy students, physicians and scientists (ages 19-46 years) was found to prevent depression during intense mental performance. In another study, patients with asthenia symptoms, such as muscle weakness, constant sluggishness, excessive sleeping, low motivational levels, and apathy showed a decline in these symptoms after administration of 100 to 150mg of Rosavin™. [5]

Clinical trials showed Rosavin™ significantly reduced depression symptoms. In one trial, 128 patients, aged 17 to 55 years, with pronounced depressive state of varied origin received 150 mg of Rosavin™. Two-thirds of the patients experienced a substantial improvement in their work productivity, and a substantial decrease or complete disappearance in the clinical manifestations of depression. In another trial, patients suffering from deep depression took Rosavin™, 100mg twice a day. After one or two months, patients became more active and sociable. [6]

Depression has been linked to a low level of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain, which could be caused through inhabitation by the enzyme Catechol-O-Methyl Transferase. Rosavin™ was found to inhibit the activity of this COMT enzyme, and hence preserve serotonin levels in the brain and help the body adapt to stress and alleviate depression.

Daily exercise increase the consumption of energy, and consequently forces the body to produce more energy-containing molecules referred to as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and creatine phosphate, the two major sources of energy in living organism. In an animal study, Rosavin™ was found to stimulate production of ATP and creatine phosphate in brain cells.

The ability of Rosavin™ to increase physical work capacity, to decrease fatigue, and to improve the general mental and physical state in humans has been demonstrated in a study involving 112 athletes. Researchers found 89 percent of the subjects who took Rosavin™ supplements performed better in sports such as swimming, skating, ski racing, and track and field, as compared to the control group. [6]


Rosavin™ has proven to be the most helpful in treatment of depression, stress, and weight management, including its unique adipose lipase activation.

Russian researchers examined fatty acid release in humans, in response to Rosavin™ administration. In a group of 121 healthy volunteers, (23-65 years of age), fatty acids release was measured at resting conditions, and after one hour of exercise (bicycle). Rosavin™ enhanced the level of fatty acids in blood serum under resting and exercise conditions by 6 and 44 percent, respectively. These results indicate that the effect of Rosavin™ on fatty acids enhancement was much stronger during the simple exercise test. These results (44 percent versus 6 percent) provide clear evidence that the combination of exercise and Rosavin™ is a powerful tool in activation of fat tissue lipase, resulting in the breakdown of stored fat. This can lead to lasting, safe weight reduction. The same clinical study revealed that the presence of Rosavin™ was responsible in lipase activation, indicating that the presence of Rosavin™ in the extract is a clinical factor in lipase activation and fatty acid mobilization from adipose tissue. [6]
A Georgian study on the effect of Rosavin™ on weight reduction and fat metabolism in obese subjects showed in administration of 300mg Rosavin™ for ninety days to 130 patients (70 men and 60 women, ages 29 to 60 years), and the same diet without Rosavin™ to 143 patients (control group) resulted in 11 percent reduction in weight in the Rosavin™ group as compared to 4 percent in the control group. The average body fat ratio fell from 31 percent to 25 percent after treatment with Rosavin.

Research also demonstrated the ability of Rosavin™ to improve the muscle-fat ratio, and to enhance muscle proteins and glutamic acid. Glutamic acid may preserve muscle mass since low levels of this amino acid are associated with decreased muscle mass.


Rosavin™ as an adjuvant therapeutic in oncology has been demonstrated in a number of studies. Rosavin™ protentiates the anti-tumor and anti-metastic effect of the anticancer drug cyclophosamide given to mice inoculated with adenocarcinoma and lung carcinoma. [7]

Rosavin™ was shown in the Ames test (a procedure that evaluates the carcinogenicity of chemicals) to counteract gene mutations induced by various mutagens. [8]

Rosavin™, in combination with the anti-cancer drug Sarcolysin, was also shown to increase the survival rate of mice with transplantable tumors, including cancer of glandular tissue and lung carcinoma. [9]

Another study by scientists at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences showed that extracts of Rosavin™ inhibited tumor growth in rats with Pliss Lymph-sarcoma by 39 percent and decreased metastasis by 50 percent. When Rosavin™ was combined with partial hepatectomy, metastasis was decreased by 75 percent. The combined treatment facilitated the process of liver regeneration as compared to partial hepatectomy along. [10]


Rosavin™ caused a marked anti-arrhythmic effect, through the activation of the
opioid receptors, on the model of adrenal arrhythmia in animals. Rosavin™ in a dose of 3.5mg/kg given daily for 8 days was shown to prevent reperfusion decrease in contraction amplitude of the isolated perfused rat heart, and to prevent reduction of coronary flow in the post-ischemic period. [12]


Dr. Kodkin successfully treated sexual disturbances in men with Rosavin™. Thirty-five patients suffering from weak erection, premature ejaculation or both were prescribed Rosavin™ at a daily dose of 100 to 150mg for three months. A substantial improvement in sexual function commenced as a result of treatment of twenty-six patient.


Rosavin™ enhances the level of neurotransmitters in the brain (the key molecules for managing stress and depression, fat metabolism, stored in adipose tissue), increases physical work capacity, decreases fatigue, builds physical and mental stamina, provides protection
to the heart, helps with cancer treatment, and enhances sexual function.

Contains:  Rosavin


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