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4X Anti-Oxidant

4X Anti-Oxidant
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How To Take: 1 capsule daily
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Because we cannot hide from the diseases that break down our mind and body, curcuminoids emerge as the natural protectors.

Free Radicals cause lifestyle diseases such as Cancer, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Hardening of the Arteries, and High Blood Pressure. The 4X Antioxidant is the most powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenging herb in existence; controlling free radicals and preventing lifestyle diseases.

Over 200 scientific papers document the use of curcuminoids in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and anti-tumor studies, crediting them as essential protectors against undesirable and potentially damaging elements. On an antioxidant index, Haridra™ Curcumin C3 Complex® curcuminoids are four times as strong as the Pycnogenols from grape seed and pine bark, and many times more powerful than vitamins A, C and E.

ANTI-AGING – The aging process exemplifies the cumulative results of deterioration of individual cells, tissues and organs caused and promoted by Free Radicals.  Haridra™ Curcuminoids C3 Complex is the strongest scavenger of free radicals and we feel everyone should take this nutritional supplement on a daily basis, and make this information available to everyone you know.  Protection from lifestyle diseases like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, premature aging, and is vitally important to everyone.

HEART DISEASE—Haridra™ Curcuminoids C3 Complex has shown in studies to significantly reduce lipid peroxide formation keeping arteries healthy and lowering the level of total cholesterol. These results clearly illustrate the potential role of Haridra™ in the prevention and treatment of heart disease.

CANCER—The nutritional role of Haridra™ Curcuminoids C3 Complex extracts in preventing the development of cancer and preventing damage to genetic material/DNA has been the subject of recent research. Haridra™ extracts have been found to be cancer-preventing compounds in different tumor models, as well as in limited human studies.

ARTHRITIS—Haridra™ Curcuminoids C3 Complex has also been evaluated in the treatment of various forms of arthritis. The anti-arthritic properties were tested in a double blind clinical trial in 49 patients with diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis. Haridra™ administered at a dose of 1200 mg per day for five to six weeks produced remarkable improvement in all patients.

CHOLESTEROL—Strokes, heart disease, and high blood pressure, caused by oxidative damage to the arterial wall. The progressive narrowing of the arterial walls causes cardiovascular disease. This is due to the deposits of cholesterol plaque inside the arterial walls resulting from high levels of oxidized cholesterol in the blood. Administering 500 mg of Haridra™ Curcuminoids C3 Complex daily to humans for seven days lowered the levels of blood lipid peroxides by 33% as well as the levels of blood cholesterol by 29%. The authors of this study indicate a possible use of Haridra™ in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

RESPIRATORY DISORDERS—Haridra™ Curcuminoids C3 Complex has been used to treat people with chronic respiratory disorders, with significant improvement of the condition and significant relief in symptoms like cough and labored breathing.

ANTI-MICROBIAL—Haridra™ Curcuminoids C3 Complex inhibit gram positive and gram negative bacteria and the intestinal parasite entamoeba histolytica. Haridra™ also inhibits the production of aflatoxins, which is a potent biological agent causing injury to the liver, often resulting in liver cancer. Aflatoxins are produced by mold, which may grow and contaminate poorly preserved food.

ANTI-HIV—One of the most discussed properties of the Haridra™ Curcuminoids C3 Complex is the anti-HIV effect demonstrated during in vitro and in vivo experiments, including a limited number of human studies.


500mg capsule

Contains:  Haridra™ Curcuminoids C3 Complex

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